IoHDT Editable Places of Interest Map

Why not add your own Hoy & Walls Places of Interest to our editable Google map of Hoy & Walls below?  These can be places you like to visit on Hoy & Walls, accommodation you like to stay at, or even as far as newly self-discovered War Heritage Sites for addition to our database.  You can also add a photo to the site marker pop-up when you add a marker to the map or you could add a comment and photo in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this or any other page on this site.  We would love to make this site more comprehensive and interactive and you can help us achieve that.

Click on the  gmap square corners edit icon  icon at the top of the map to bring you to the edit map page.  You must be logged-in to google to edit a map. Help is available from the  settings cog  icon in the top right hand corner of the edit map page but to get you started just click on the edit link  edit pencil  in the legend, look around to see what you can see, and then select the marker icon marker icon from the menu to add your placemark.  All additions are moderated.



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