Hoy Ramblers

Our aim is to have a walk on the first Sunday of each month, unless this clashes with another event. Walks will vary in difficulty, but most will be 3-4 hours duration over rough terrain, including hills. All walkers should make their own judgement about whether they are up to a particular route.

Walkers need comfortable and waterproof footwear (walking boots for hilly routes), waterproof clothing and should bring a picnic lunch, water and flask.

Check with the walk leaders if you are in doubt whether or not a particular walk is going ahead e.g. bad weather. Please make sure you are at the start in good time.

Dogs (maximum 2 per group) may be allowed depending on the route. If you want to bring your dog check with the walk leaders in advance. It goes without saying dogs should be kept under control at all times and on a lead near livestock.

Once the walk has started, anyone wanting to split off from the route or turn back should take a companion with them.

Let me know if you all would like to see more planned walks, ideas for route suggestions are welcome!

Whoever leads the walk on the day puts in their time and effort, so it is only worth planning an Autumn/Winter schedule if there is sufficient interest.

Let me know what you think and I will give feedback (and hopefully a new programme) to the group.

3 thoughts on “Hoy Ramblers

  1. Hello from Canada:
    I would love to join your group for a Sunday walk through your beautiful region.
    I’m just writing in greeting after coming across your web page.
    I live in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada which, unfortunately, is a little far to join you.
    The cities of K/W actually form one urban centre pop. 350,000 surrounded by rich, fertile farmland. While our surrounding countryside is lovely, it is certainly no match for your colourful and historic area.
    I have an 18 year-old son, Michael, in university, I’m 67 Patrick Michael, my Father was Kenneth Aylward and my Grandfather was William Hoy.
    Thirty years ago, all Hoys in K-W were related.
    Thank you for letting me share a small bit of my life.

  2. Hi are you an independent Ramblers group?
    I am thinking of setting up a group in Westray and would welcome some advice regarding insurance etc
    Kind regards

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