Vehicle and passenger ferry to and from Longhope, Flotta & Houton

Public toilets & waiting room

Taxis & Tours:
Mr Clark — 01856 791315 — Mini Bus, Taxi & Tours

Scapa Flow Visitor Centre & Naval Museum – temporary exhibit open currently

Hoy Hotel B&B – public bar

Wea Fea – picnic site and viewpoint of the south isles. From the pier cross the junction, the Hoy Hotel will be on your right, continue up the hill past the woodland and follow the track around to the left.

Gable End Theatre & Film Society – drama, films, live music, performing arts etc.

South Hoy numbered map

  1. Scapa Flow Visitor Centre
  2. Royal Naval Cemetery
  3. Heldale Water
  4. Melsetter House
  5. Lifeboat Museum
  6. RNLI Longhope
  7. Martello Towers
  8. Hill of White Hamars
  9. Cantick Head

One thought on “Lyness

  1. Together with members of my family I will visit the Islands in June 2015 in order to pay tribute to my late uncle James Connelly who perished in 1934 when the Trawler Leicestershire foundered off the South coast of Hoy.

    I have photographs of the monument erected by the Islanders in memory of the crew and would be obliges if you would confirm whether it is still available to see.

    We look forward to visiting the museums on our visit.

    Kind regards

    William E Connelly

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