Community Bus

Community Bus

Please click Hoy and Walls Community Bus Timetable - Route 1 - Longhope to Lyness - Monday to Friday for the community bus timetable for Route 1 – Longhope to Lyness, Monday to Friday, operating year round

Please click Hoy and Walls Community Bus Timetable - Route 2 - Longhope to Moaness (via Lyness) Tuesday and Friday (Seasonal) for the community bus timetable for Route 2 – Longhope to Moaness (via Lyness), Tuesday and Friday operating from 7th May 2024 – 25th October 2024

Please click Hoy and Walls Community Bus Timetable - Route 2 - Longhope to Moaness - Sunday for the community bus timetable for Route 1 – Longhope to Moaness, Sunday, operating year round

Concessionary fares available

A day’s notice is required for the carriage of non-collapsible wheelchairs.

For further information, please contact:
phone 01856 701356

mobile 07833 777760



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34 thoughts on “Community Bus

  1. Is there Community Bus service between Moaness Pier and Rackwick? Alternatively, is there a route map of Route 2 (Moaness-Longhope), so I can see where and when it stops? Thank you!

  2. Hi Johanna

    The community bus doesn’t run a service to Rackwick. The route to Longhope goes passed the turnoff to Rackwick. The drivers will drop you off wherever you want along the route. Route 2 is only operated on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  3. Hi, I will be coming by ferry to Moaness and want to walk to Rackwick and then the Old Man of Hoy – how long will that take me (I am not a very fast walker) as I will have to walk back as well and don’t know if I could make it to the ferry in time???

  4. The minibus service from Moaness to Reckness should be booked in advance as recommended on this website. Is there a name and a phone number of this minibus service to call it in advance?

  5. There is no public transport to Rackwick from Moaness, you would need to
    contact one of the following private taxi/tour companies.

    Terry Thomson – 01856 791263
    Albert Clark 01856 791315

  6. Has there been any alterations to timetable for tying in with altered boat times on 30th/31st May (Battle of Jutland centenary) and is there a downloadable version if so.

    • An updated timetable for 30th/31st May 2016 can be found on The island of Hoy Development Trust facebook page.

      Any queries please call the Trust Office 01856 701356

  7. Hi
    I write from Spain. Next 8 september we are planing to go to the old man of hoy. We will arrive to Moaness at 16:30.
    Have you got 2 places in the bus to pick us yo radwick and get back to Moaness the same day?
    What is the price?

    • Hi Amy
      The community bus runs a scheduled service, so won’t be of any use for this. I’ve spoken to Teresa at the surgery and she said to give her a call and they’ll see how they can help, the number’s 701209, Kind Regards Liz

  8. Hello, I was wondering if there’s an updated timetable for April 2018? We are looking to come across with our wee dog and would be looking for transport from Moaness to Rackwick to walk up to see the Old Man of Hoy. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi, the timetable on the website is still correct for April 2018, however the community bus service doesn’t run to Rackwick. There is private hire available from Moaness to Rackwick with Albert Clark on 01856 791315.

  9. Just to say an enormous thank you to George and Dougie (plus Erin) for looking after my parents and me last week, when we chose to visit Hoy on the day that everything was shut! My mother is still talking about her tour of the island, the people she met on the bus and the information about her parents’ life on the island in 1939-40 that she gleaned from our visit last week. George – please thank the delightful couple of the hotel where they titlist gave us delicious cake and coffee even though they were shut!

    Dougie – if you have any more information about the first German prisoner of WWII, whom I am pretty sure my grandfather had charge of at some point, we’d love to hear it!

    My mother has also asked if you could also thank the Harbourmaster for suggesting that we travelled on your bus – together you and your passengers were far, far better than any organised tour or museum display!

    Best wishes
    Kate B (

  10. hello, I will be staying in Kirkwall in mid-August and I won’t have a car. I would like to know if it’s possible to get a ferry and then a bus to Rackwick to see the old man of Hoy? thanx in advance for your answer

    • Hello Emy,

      I am afraid the bus service does not travel to Rackwick. There are private hire possibilities, details for which are on the travel page on our website.



    • Hi Vincent,

      Clean, well behaved dogs are usually welcome on the buses, however, ultimately the decision is at the discretion of the bus driver and will also depend on the welfare of the other passengers.



      • Hello, does this still apply in 2021, re the Dogs ? I am rather concerned about not being allowed on the bus upon landing at Moaness or upon return from Rackwick, as I don’t want to be stranded and miss my ferry. Should we book the bus or is it stop and hail ? I have downloaded the PDF timetable. Thank You very much, Regards, Barbara

        • Hi Barbara, dogs permitted on our buses will always be a decision based on what’s happening at the time, we cannot make any guarantees unfortunately, but always worth contacting the driver beforehand, the number for the bus mobile is on the travel section.

          The bus does not run between Rackwick and Moaness.



  11. Hi, we’re staying at Cantick Head Lighthouse at the end of October and arrive and depart on a Sunday. Please could you advise us which bus is running and how near to our accommodation it would be able to drop us?
    Many thanks,

    • Good Afternoon Naomi, the bus timetables are in the community bus section on the website. The Sunday service from Longhope to Moaness (which is noted as route 2) is the only community bus run during that time of the year. It leaves Moaness at 10.00 this is at the North of the island where the ferry from Stromness comes into) arriving in Longhope at 10.50 and also departs Moaness at 17.30 arriving Longhope 18.10.
      Departure from Longhope is 09.00 arriving Moaness 09.50 and then depart Longhope 16.30 arriving Moaness at 17.20.
      If you are staying at Cantick, you will probably need to arrange a lift to and from Longhope to catch the bus. It’s about 3.5 miles.
      Best regards

  12. hoping to get over to Hoy on monday 27 sept 21 —could you tell me if there are any taxis on the island to use please from about 1230 arrival from Houton and returning to lyness for the 1500 ferry back to houton

  13. Hello. I will be visiting North Hoy from Stromness Wednesday June 5th, 2024. I have read about a “Minibus from Moaness to Rackwick Bay” but I can’t find any more details about it. Can you tell me if such a bus would be running in early June, and if so what the timetable is? Many thanks!

    • Hi Christine,

      We do not operate a service to Rackwick, however there are details of Private Hire options in the travel section of our website.

      Kind regards


  14. We are staying in Stromness. Are we able to ferry across to Hoy from Stromness and then take some form of transport to Rackwick. Our aim would be to walk to the Old Man of Hoy, and then return by walking and the same form of transport. Thank you.

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