LoC Survey: North Walls — Wee Fea


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One thought on “LoC Survey: North Walls — Wee Fea

  1. My Father was posted to the Orkney Islands 1940-41 whilst in the RAF
    I am currently working on his notes of this period for a talk I am giving to our local RAFA branch. He describes a bombing raid on the waters of Scapa Flow. He mentions Wee Fea in the paragraph below.
    Looking at your photographs I can now imagine what it was like for a young man from a humble background seeing this view for the first time, not having travelled any further than the Greenwich/Woolwich area SE London.
    Thank you.

    ‘One German aircraft had come down not far from us. Bits of it were scattered in the peat ground at the foot of the Wee Fea. This was a mountain about a mile or so from our camp.
    It took two hours to climb up and the ground was soft peat all the way up. When we did get to the top our feet were wringing wet. The top of Wee Fea was flat with a huge lake. It must have been this that made the peat so wet. From this point we experienced a grand view of the Orkney Islands.’

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