Travel to and on Hoy

Hoy is accessed from Orkney mainland by short sea crossing operated by Orkney Ferries

Houton — Lyness

01856 811397

Vehicle & passenger timetables:

Stromness — Moaness

01856 850624

Bicycle & passenger timetables:

Bus Service

For information on bus routes and timetables, click on the link below.


Community Bus


Island Taxis & Tours

Mini Bus, Taxi & Tours:
Mr Clark 01856 791315

Island Tours of Hoy
Ness House, Longhope
Mr Steven Rhodes 01856 701632 or 07887995730
Tours Website:


21 thoughts on “Travel to and on Hoy

  1. I see that vehicles are permitted on the ferry from Stromness to the North Hoy Ferry port. So can I assume that autos are allowed on Hoy? Can we bring our car from Stronmess and take a day tour with our own auto? Thanks,
    Donna Casey
    Michigan, USA

  2. Hi, Donna. The ferry from Stromness is for foot passengers only, although you’re allowed to take a bicycle on board for free. Bicycles can be rented in Stromness and other places on the mainland, but be warned – Hoy is pretty hilly. You can take your car if you go on the ferry that leaves from Houton. So yes, you can take your own car for a day tour. It’s a stunning island – have fun!

    Rhonda Muir, Stromness

  3. Coming in August, I am booking ferry now for Stromness to Hoy, where can I book the minibus as it recommends booking if travelling in high season?

    • Hi Jane,

      The taxis and tours section is on this page and includes mini bus details, you can use the contact numbers listed above to book your travel.

      Should you require anything else, please don’t hesitate in contacting us, and have a lovely trip!

  4. Coming in mid-July, do I need to book a car on the Houton-Lyness ferry in advance, or can I just turn up on the day? Many thanks

  5. Hello, I’ll arrive in Hoy at 10 a.m. on the next Sunday 28 July from Stromness.
    Since there is no much time (the ferry’ll come back at 18.30) is it possible to take a bus or a taxi to reach Rackwick and eventually for the return too please?
    Thank you.
    Best regards.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      You can come to Hoy with your motor home on the Hoy Head. Bookings for the vessel can be made through Houton Office on 01856 811397.

      You can drive to Rackwick, but you can only walk to the Old Man of Hoy. Parking is permitted near the beginning of the walk which will take a few hours there and back depending on your ability.


      Deanna (IoHDT)

  6. Hello from Kyle of Lochalsh !

    Staying in Stromness in June, and we want to visit Hoy again. Just to enquire if we are allowed a Dog on the minibus, a small Blue Merle Collie ?
    Also on a previous visit to Rackwick we just hailed a minibus back to Moaness, would we need to book this time ?
    Thanks so much in advance.

    • Hi Barbara, I believe that our bus drivers will allow very well behaved dogs on the bus with prior arrangement and providing other passengers are ok with it. You’ll find the bus mobile number on the bus section of this website.

      We do not operate a bus service to Rackwick so I suspect it was a private hire minibus you came across last time, details for private hire are also available on the travel section of this website.

      We hope you have a lovely stay.


  7. I’m staying at the hostel in North Hoy at the start of May. I would like to leave my car at Scrabster and travel as a foot passenger. The ferry timings look terrible though, In particular seems to be impossible to return in a day. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Gordon,

      Scrabster is situated on mainland Scotland, there are no direct journeys from Scrabster to Hoy, you need to travel via the Orkney mainland to get to Hoy. You can journey to Hoy on the Houton to Lyness ferry, or the Stromness to Hoy ferry.

      We hope this clears up the confusion for you.


  8. is it possible to travel from Kirkwall to Hoy and back in a day please by public transport. This will be in mid September

  9. Hi there! We are hoping to take the foot passenger ferry from Stromness to North Hoy. We are wondering where in Stromness we can leave our rental car if we decide to do this, and how much it will cost to park the car there for the day.

    Thank you!

  10. We are hoping to take our vehicles from Houton to Hoy via ferry on Oct 3, 2023. Is there any chance the ferry will be crossing on that date?

  11. Hi, me and my partner are travelling to Hoy for a day/night and are hoping to wild camp somewhere. We’re experienced wild campers and very considerate of our environment. I haven’t found too much online about wild camping on Hoy and wanted to check if there were any particular areas to avoid and/or any that may be suitable.
    We won’t have a car with us and so are planning to walk. We will be in the North as are planning to see Old Man.
    Thanks in advance!

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