Travel to and on Hoy

Hoy is accessed from Orkney mainland by short sea crossing operated by Orkney Ferries


Houton — Lyness

01856 811397

Vehicle & passenger timetables:

Winter/Spring 2018 - 2019


Summer 2019


Stromness — Moaness

01856 850624

Bicycle & passenger timetables:

Winter/Spring 2018 - 2019


Summer 2019


Island Taxis & Tours

Mini Bus, Taxi & Tours:
Mr Clark 01856 791315

Island Tours of Hoy
Ness House, Longhope
Mr Steven Rhodes 01856 701632 or 07887995730
Tours Website:





4 thoughts on “Travel to and on Hoy

  1. I see that vehicles are permitted on the ferry from Stromness to the North Hoy Ferry port. So can I assume that autos are allowed on Hoy? Can we bring our car from Stronmess and take a day tour with our own auto? Thanks,
    Donna Casey
    Michigan, USA

  2. Hi, Donna. The ferry from Stromness is for foot passengers only, although you’re allowed to take a bicycle on board for free. Bicycles can be rented in Stromness and other places on the mainland, but be warned – Hoy is pretty hilly. You can take your car if you go on the ferry that leaves from Houton. So yes, you can take your own car for a day tour. It’s a stunning island – have fun!

    Rhonda Muir, Stromness

  3. Coming in August, I am booking ferry now for Stromness to Hoy, where can I book the minibus as it recommends booking if travelling in high season?

    • Hi Jane,

      The taxis and tours section is on this page and includes mini bus details, you can use the contact numbers listed above to book your travel.

      Should you require anything else, please don’t hesitate in contacting us, and have a lovely trip!

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