Hoy island guides

Try the following sites for more info on Orkney in general and Hoy in particular

Visit Scotland Logo      Visit Scotland’s Orkney and Hoy sections

orkney.com logo         Orkney.com and their Hoy section

Orkney islands     orkneyislands.info and their Hoy section

orkney ferries logo       View the full Orkney Ferries brochure here

         Visit islandtourshoy.com for more information

2 thoughts on “Hoy island guides

  1. I am visiting Rackwick to scatter a a small amount of my Husbands Ashes on Tuesday20 th August of his journey of Completing The Circle of his wishes.
    We spent many magical times in Rackwick and of course Hoy. I wonder if any of the older folks remember my Mother Nurse Garrioch (Ella) who was on the district for many years or my father Tommy
    who went back to Sanday for his burial.
    I am only coming for the day but want to make the most of seeing as much as I can and I have coordinated my journey from London to island hop between the Mainland, Hoy. Sanday.
    Just need Help, Ideas for that day and relive the best of times.

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