Hoy and Walls Health Centre

The team at the Hoy & Walls Health Centre provides general practice, community nursing and emergency care for all residents, and for our numerous summer visitors.

phone: 01856 701209

e-mail ORK.longhopesurgery@nhs.scot

Emergencies: 01856 888000 and bleep Hoy Doctor

View NHS Orkney details here

One thought on “Hoy and Walls Health Centre

  1. Dear Theresa dear Dr , Dear Roz, Dear friends , this is from Marsh and Yuki from Tokyo ! We hope that this email finds you all in good health and spirit! We are very well and happy here ! The city is amazingly well organised and although we do not have the gorgeous sea view, the nature here is so varied and teaming with exciting creatures. Yuki has an Instagram in which she uploads regularly some photos from here. Yukilock1 we hereby attach some photos as well. Missing you all dear friends ! M and Y.

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