Chronology of WWII Events at Fleet Base

doc ADM116/5790 Chronology of the Development of the Fleet Base at Scapa Flow 1937 – 1935 (transcription of  to follow)


© Source: Lindsay, G.J. & Dobney, K. (2014). Legacies of Conflict: Hoy & Walls Wartime Heritage Project, Wartime Development Document. Island of Hoy Development Trust.


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One thought on “Chronology of WWII Events at Fleet Base

  1. I was an artificer apprentice at HMS Caledonia, Rosyth. During my training I joined the volunteer band as a bugler. I was sent to Hoy in March 1957, with another bugler, to sound the final “Sunset” at the closing ceremony of the Naval base. We took passage in the boom defence vessel, HMS Barleycorn. It was a very privileged and moving occasion.
    Is there a photographic record of this event? It was such a historic day but, sadly, not given the recognition deserved.

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