The Island of Hoy Development Trust (IoHDT) is a charitable organisation founded in 2007. It’s role is to enhance social, educational, economic and environmental aspect of the island. It is a not-for-profit organisation but owns a commercial trading subsidiary Hoy Energy Ltd. which operates a 900kW wind turbine. This enterprise provides a long term income stream to support the Trust and it’s work.

Arctic Convoys Memorial

Arctic Convoys Memorial

The trust will provide assistance to island based community groups and social enterprises but also runs a number of projects and services in it’s own right. These include a community bus service, a newsletter and this website. It has also completed a number of stand-alone projects such as an extension to a community hall, the Arctic Convoys Memorial site and an archaeological study of WWII sites and records resulting in the Wartime Heritage Project. A study of the prospect for long-term care for the elderly is ongoing as is a home energy efficiency survey.

The trust is run by a volunteer board of directors currently supported by a finance officer and a project development officer. Membership of the trust is open to all permanent island residents and includes a majority of those eligible. The names and contact details of directors are available on the IoHDT Board page.

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  1. what is your email address . how can i find out which buildingds you have plans to develop and which you have earmarked for sale by private development ? are there any incentives to develop business there on hoy ,Lyness in particular . is there any land for sale ? if so where ,how much and where is it advertised and how long has it been on market ?

    am sending email c/o accountant in stromness as i simply cant see any contact email on your website ……… if the isle has 400 residents and how many existing business’s would a step forward not to be to advertise for a bookkeeper /accountant for the island ,perhaps with a house ,to entice the people on your island to create this fairly basic but essential job ,also boosting local population ? am sending copy of email to in the hope some one can answer my enquiry .

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