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The Island of Hoy Development Trust representatives are keen to share their latest news and the developments from the past year with you, as well as inviting you to learn more about how you can get involved with the future of the Trust at the upcoming AGM.

The AGM is due to take place on the 8th May, and will be held from 7:30pm onwards at North Walls Community Room, Lyness.

We welcome along all community members as our AGM is open for everyone to attend. Our community turbine is for the benefit of our community, which includes you, so why not get involved with what matters to Hoy? From small seeds of ideas, grow huge opportunities and an exciting future for Hoy. Every opportunity, service, business & activity available on Hoy today started out as somebody’s idea. With a little input from you, and those around you, your ideas can be built on and developed.

Whilst we hope that you might feel inspired to contribute to Hoy’s future by linking with the IoHDT, there is no obligation to become involved in any way, if you wish to come along and simply obtain a better understanding of the role of the IoHDT on the island, please take this notice as an invitation to attend.

However, we would like to especially invite those of you who have a particular area of interest, or ideas for improvement and development which may be of benefit to the island, and encourage you to engage and become involved. We currently have 4 vacancies for Trustees and we are hoping to fill them….so how about trying something new?

Ok…we understand….we get it.

The idea makes you want to sidestep getting involved because the role of a Trustee seems like it’s not something you feel you could manage either because of responsibility or time required? Actually, that’s probably not the case. The Board come together once per month to discuss matters relating to the Trust and share ideas. You may have thoughts, solutions, objectives, opinions and suggestions which are not held by the Trustees that the IoHDT currently has, which is why your contribution would be valuable.

All areas of island issues are important to us, but the IoHDT are especially looking for someone with an interest in the methods of communication. The Trust has developed various platforms such as newsletters, a web site and social media pages which are all well established, however, there is a need for someone who would be interested in reviewing and developing them further.

In addition to this, there are many opportunities available for support to children and families, and we would like to encourage someone to join the Board of Trustees to try and maximise the benefit of these opportunities to the children and families on the island.

If you have any interest in helping the community reach its potential by becoming a part of the Development Trust, or have any questions regarding the AGM, then please contact Liz at the office via email at:


or by telephone on 701356.

The IoHDT accounts for the year ending 31st March 2018 will be presented at the AGM and made available. Should you wish to view the accounts, please click on the button below.

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