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  1. I have always been fascinated with the Island of Hoy. So much so, that I took my family to the island at the end of a vacation tour of Europe by Trafalgar Tours. We can trace our surname as far as the immigration from “The North” with two lots of families dividing in the Midlands one continuing down to Southampton, across to France and then to the Lowlands, staying in what became Holland, where the family prefixed their name with a “Van” because most other folk had “van” in front of their names!
    Our family travelled to the east coast of England, and then down to Cambridgeshire and Essex, with my immediate family settling in the Elmdon area of Essex.
    In 2005 on our first visit to the UK, we joined a Trafalgar Tour of Europe, and on our return, we motored up the UK, stopping at Liverpool, Inverness and finally the Isle of Hoy which was reached on 16 August.
    We checked in at the Stromabank Hotel and met our hosts Tam and Maureen White. (We had communicated several months previously and I had requested a birthday cake for our eldest daughter as her birthday was on 17 August.)
    The next day, Tam and Maureen came out bearing a lovely chocolate birthday cake with candles and singing “happy birthday”! Francesca was delighted that this happened as she thought we all had forgotten her birthday.
    Lovely memories of that unique island.
    One final word. When I checked in a to the ferry to Hoy, I was asked my name. I replied “Hoy”, with the officer saying “I could have guessed – another Hoy coming to see “their” island!” (In a rich Scottish tone! )
    Thanks to all we met there 19 years ago!

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