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The Blether — Issue 30

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This is the thirtieth issue of THE BLETHER. We can’t quite believe that we’ve managed to fill so many issues but here we are at number 30! You can find a selection of past events from earlier issues in back issues which can be found here.

We would like to thank all our contributors who have sent us interesting and informative items and great photos for inclusion. Please do continue and if there is anything YOU would like to share with the community – reviews, nature items, amazing pictures, just about anything – then we’d love to hear from you. Contact details for further information or for contributions can be found on the back page.

THE BLETHER would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and all best wishes for 2017!

museum gun tank

OIC Consultation Questionnaire Scapa Flow Visitor Centre & Museum refurb

Please tell us what you think of our concept proposals for Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum.

We are proposing a major refurbishment of the museum during 2017-2019, with the aim of restoring the current Pumphouse, Oil Tank and Romney Hut buildings, improving access and constructing a new extension to the Pumphouse to house the most fragile exhibits. This will allow us to display many items from the reserve collection which cannot be housed in the current buildings. The new build extension will also house improved visitor facilities. We welcome your views on the proposed project.

Download OIC Consultation Questionnaire