The Island of Hoy Development Trust has taken over responsibility for The Arctic Convoys Memorial adjacent to the Scapa Flow Interpretation Centre at Lyness on the island of Hoy. This memorial is not only visited annually by delegates of the Russian government but also many visitors to the island of Hoy.

You are invited to provide quotes for ANY or ALL five parts of the work requirements listed below:

Remove top-soil and dispose off site. Grade top area around the memorial stones to a required fall compact using appropriate material ready for paving slabs: area approximately 120 square metres. Also, to supply 3 x 2 concrete paving slabs and kerb edging stones cutting around centre stones [forming a flower bed] also using kerb stones to retain front edge paving slabs. [Drawing supplied herewith.]

Moving stone [situated alongside the Romney Hut at Lyness Museum] to Memorial site sufficient to build a dry stone dyke approx. 30 linear metres x 1 metre high x approximately 650 mm wide. Build dry stone dyke to above sizes. [Drawing supplied herewith.]

To provide and erect Galvanised steel hand rail tube size 8 (48.3mm O/D) [Key Clamp or similar approved] to centre of steps and to the outside of the ramped area to comply with building regulations.

To provide two [2] 5 metre long flagpoles Aluminium socketed with built-in internal ropes and pulley type to be agreed also to excavate and pour concrete for two [2] bases 650 x 650 with trowelled finish.

To supply two [2] seats of hardwood construction style to be agreed also to position and fasten down on site in agreed position,

Tenders for work, including a breakdown of costs into the categories listed above and evidence of public liability and employee insurance, should be submitted by 12 noon on Monday 31st October, 2011 to:

Memorial Sub-Committee, c/o J Challenor, Mucklehouse, Longhope, KW16 3NJ

Quotes should be valid for 6 months. The site is already open to the public but arrangements can be made to visit the site to survey the work, if required.

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